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Hi! I’m Katie. I am a clinical psychologist, mother of two, wife to one, and self-proclaimed fun lady. I do all sorts of fun things, but mostly I create and write copy for big blogs and websites! I am totally impassioned by the idea of connecting parents and children through play. So, I design projects and write articles that integrate my expertise with picture books and crafts! It is a super life-giving profession. I think of what I so as a kind of preventative psychology that helps parents (and teachers) love their children well through connection, understanding, and play.

I also believe that this journey is better with you here, and I hope you stay. Sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram @afriendlyaffair to join the conversation! Lets walk this walk together.

It is impossible that I am the only one still loving and interacting with my @kidartlit art box from last month. This creative and inspiring subscription box is my favorite yet. (Which is saying a lot). I learned new things about creative, inspiring play, getting kids involved in activities, and easy craft ideas. For instance, this resist crayon, markers, and water for toddler-friendly watercolor has continued to be so much fun for us!! It is a great meal-prep activity that has saved my kids and I a lot of evening strife. Visit their account and sign up for your own box today! I have a lot of love for the project and a ton of respect for it's masterminds @chickadee.lit and @julialinsteadt ❤️
Happy #wideeyedwednesdays! I couldn't possibly let this unofficial day for non-fiction awesomeness go by without humbly drawing your attention to this #prehistoric masterpiece from @quartokids. It draws you in, makes learning fun, and teaches you all sorts of interesting things as you travel (in a makeshift safari-ish narrative) through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.
Check the opener: "Take a step back in time...You're about to head off on an amazing journey. It's a trip through time, back to the world of dinosaurs....." And it only gets better from there.
All this month, the @kidlitpicks team have been debuting great books (fiction and non) featuring pre-human, prehistoric life. Dream about dinosaurs, cromags, and Pangea! For more Dino-tastic book picks, check out @readingisourthing @kidsbookswelove and @curiouslittlepeople.
Look what came in the mail!! The inaugural #kidartlit box, and we are pumped. This once-monthly delivery service provides a fresh and beautiful picture book along with all the supplies needed for an inspired companion craft. I love this box, am a big fan of @julialinsteadt and @chickadee.lit, and can't wait to get both my kid's involved. Companion crafts provide yet another way to help your children engage books, plus it boosts comprehension skills with hands on learning. Go sign up now to get your own box and art project - you'll get 10% off, on me! ;)
Happy Easter Friends! Hot Cross Buns (Paul Hollywoods recipe) + Madeline L'Engles Glorious Impossible.
See my last post for an introduction to ready-made, publisher-produced activity kits. Here is another example for a book that we have really been enjoying. The flow of this book is fun as we meet pirates, princesses, snow monsters and the like. But the reason I really love it is the positive and fun representations of father-love, father-play, and father-nurture. These things aren't always easy to find in a picture book world which leans heavily toward images of the mother. Do you have a favorite daddycentric picture book? Do you know of another book with an online activity book you can tell us about?
Companion Activities?! Yes Please! By now, you know that children benefit from extension activities and opportunities to engage their stories and their reading in different ways. (I'm a broken record). Digging into the reading in fun ways has benefits for literacy and learning as well as...get this...attachment, relationship, and imagination! But its hard to know what to do or where to begin when it comes to wondering together, playing together, or developing extension activities. Especially if you are *ahem* working 50 hour weeks. Good news is, children's publishers have heard your plea. More and more books are coming with ready-made extensions. @tundrabooks is really good about it, and so is @candlewickpress - and so are many others. Here is my tip: if your kid loves a book or if you find a new book that excites you, visit the publishers website and see if they offer an extension. You'll get lucky for often than you realize. This one is great and the book is precious. I'll share another later today or tomorrow. So stay tuned - and dig into all the wonderful work our kids publishers are doing for us. It's a kindness to us working moms and a lot of fun for our energetic and curious kiddos! Kids books are the best books ❤